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Where Faith & Innovation Meet Campaign

Realizing the Dream

Over 20 years ago, a group of individuals dedicated to the dream of a Catholic high school in the Lowcountry of South Carolina embarked on a feasibility study to make it happen. That study forecasted the population growth of Beaufort and Jasper Counties that would enable a growing Catholic community to support such an ambitious endeavor. The vision was for a high school to be built that would accommodate 500 students.

Following the opening of a third Catholic elementary school in 2007, St. Gregory the Great, the planning for John Paul II Catholic School began in earnest. Despite the economic downturn that temporarily delayed and downsized the plan, the school opened to 57 students in grades 7-9 in  August of 2013 in the Okatee Baptist Church. The current building was not ready for occupancy until January of 2014. The vision had become a reality, albeit smaller than first planned.

Fast forward to 2023-24, the school has now grown to more than 363 students in grades 6-12. With a rapidly growing enrollment expected to peak at 500 students in the next three years, the time is now to complete the dream first developed so many years ago. Temporary modular classrooms are in place to accommodate the immediate growth, but they are just that, temporary. There is no choice but to launch the third capital campaign in the school’s history to complete that vision.

Preparing Our Students for the Future

The Where Faith and Innovation Meet Campaign allows the school to remain true to its Catholic traditions while creating a cutting-edge teaching and learning environment to prepare our students for their future. The construction of a 45,000 square foot Innovation Center and black box theater, to serve as the primary high school building while the current building becomes the middle school, will accommodate 340 students in one of the most forward-thinking educational facilities in our state. Not only will our students graduate as scholars with a soul but they will be well prepared to be the innovative problem-solvers and ethical leaders of tomorrow.

As our patron saint famously stated many years ago, “Nolite Timere”,  meaning Be Not Afraid. We ask you to join us on this exciting journey. An investment in John Paul II Catholic School is an investment in the future of our school, the region, the state, and, ultimately, our world. For the students of today are the future. No matter how much you contribute to this campaign you contribute to the education of a child; a child who someday might find a cure for cancer, or help to end world hunger, or invent the next technology to improve our lives. Prayerfully consider how you might bring the vision to reality, and be not afraid to help us create the best school in the Lowcountry.

The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center will foster the development of a STEAM mindset; an environment where learning and doing intersect to prepare JPII graduates with the skills for their future.

  • Grand stair – an important place for students to present academically, perform artistically, and to gather socially
  • Black box theater - retractable seating for over 200 patrons with a movable stage and performance-quality lighting and sound to showcase JPII’s growing performing arts, while providing flexible space for extracurricular activities 
  • Expansive commons – an impressive light-filled area allowing for student collaboration and quiet study space 
  • First floor - three state-of-the-art science laboratories, a large art studio, a makerspace, three collaboration studios, administrative and counseling offices, a student work gallery, and a dedicated performing arts classroom. 
  • Second floor - eight traditional learning studios, two collaboration studios, and a college-style café with space for quiet study and collaboration.

The Warrior Fund

Support of the Warrior Fund ensures JPII continues to offer a high-quality, faith-based, Catholic education to the families of the Lowcountry. Our immediate needs include:

  • Support for tuition assistance keeping the school affordable
  • Competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain the very best teachers
  • Program enhancements for a well-rounded student experience
  • Upgraded technology in our classrooms
  • Professional development for our teaching staff
  • Growth of our performing and visual arts
  • Adding athletic programs to increase participation
  • New academic programs
  • Enhancement of our Catholic identity 

All level gifts form the foundation of support for our efforts at JPII. We appreciate all who participate in The Warrior Fund.

Be A Part of the JPII Future

The Endowment for JPII

Long-term sustainability requires an endowment into the millions that provides ongoing funding. This funding offsets future tuition increases and provides a permanent source of the essential resources necessary to keep the school affordable for all income levels and to ensure our capital investment in facilities are protected and maintained. Consider leaving a legacy in your
estate planning.

As a relatively new private school, John Paul II must be as forward-thinking in finance as we are in education. An investment in this campaign is an investment in the future of our school and will allow us to continue to remain true to our mission by allowing every child the opportunity of a lifetime…a JPII education.


At John Paul II Catholic School, your philanthropy provides outcomes beyond what would be possible through tuition dollars alone. Your financial gifts play a valuable role in awarding opportunities and opening doors for our Golden Warriors. The support from our community helps our current students access an elite education: innovative academic experiences, appreciation of the arts, spiritual formation, and athletic successes. This is why everyone is invited to contribute their ideas, gifts, and enthusiasms at JPII that go toward creating a more inclusive community and advancing our institutional mission.

If you have any questions concerning the Where Faith and Innovation Meet campaign or your donation,  please contact Brian Quinty, JPII director of development, or call 843-645-3838. 



 Where Faith and Innovation Meet: The Campaign affords donors an attractive range of prominent and meaningful opportunities to link their name, or the name of a family member or honored friend, in perpetuity with the life and work of John Paul II Catholic School. Groups of neighbors could combine to create a leadership gift in the name of the community in which they live. Such naming and recognition opportunities include the dedication of the Innovation Center, the black box theater, classrooms, collaboration spaces, offices, and shared common areas within this new facility. Upon reaching the goal of the buildings, additional future naming opportunities will exist in Phase III as the athletic facilities become developed. We invite all parents, grandparents, families, foundations, neighborhoods, and friends to partner with us by considering a permanent naming and recognition opportunity as part of our Leadership Phase.

Innovation Center                                1                                  $ 5,000,000
Black Box Theater                                1                                  $ 2,500,000
Commons                                                  1                                  $ 1,000,000
Science &  Art Wing                            1                                  $ 1,000,000
The Grand Stair                                     1                                  $ 500,000
Collaboration Café                              1                                  $ 500,000
Student Work Gallery                       1                                  $ 500,000
Science Classroom                              3                                  $ 500,000
Makerspace                                             1                                  $ 500,000
Art Studio                                                  1                                  $ 500,000
2nd Floor Classrooms                        8                                  $ 250,000
Collaboration Studios                        5                                  $ 100,000
Conference Room                                1                                  $ 100,000
Offices                                                         3                                  $ 100,000
Teacher Workroom                             1                                  $ 100,000