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Student life and student activities are a core part of our program at John Paul II. Extracurricular activities are available to help our students grow spiritually, academically, and socially. 

All clubs are centered around our core (SHIELD) values of Service, High Expectations, Innovation, Excellence, Leadership, and Discipleship.  JPII has a diverse array of clubs and activities for interests. We have innovative clubs centered around robotics, film,  chess, and artistic clubs focused on choir and art, and leadership opportunities within Student Leadership Council. Our academic excellence clubs center on Model UN and DECA. Our discipleship teams of Acts29 and Warriors for Life provide students with an opportunity to share their faith with others.

“Young people… the Church asks you to go, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to those who are near and those who are far away. Share with them the freedom you have found in Christ…”

Participating in activities through student life helps students ‘be the light’ our patron, Saint John Paul II, so intently wished for our youth. Our well-rounded, Christ-centered students go forth and spread the good news with their community. We are glad to provide meaningful experiences to help bolster the already fabulous experience JPII provides our students. We are hopeful that participation in these thoughtful events and activities will help students be more successful upon graduation, on whatever path they feel called to walk. 

Kim McNab
Student Activities Coordinator       



Service -We know, love and serve God by loving and serving others 

High Expectations -We set high expectations for academic excellence and respectful behavior

Innovation -We inspire creativity to innovate and solve problems in new and meaningful ways 

Excellence -We strive to do our best in the classroom, on the field and stage, and modeling a Christian lifestyle 

Leadership -We empower students to be courageous Christian leaders

Discipleship -We are followers of Jesus Christ and seek to live our lives in His image