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House System

The JPII House System allows us to create smaller groups within our school community. The House System promotes positive peer pressure, as well as increased school spirit and healthy competition. When students begin at JPII, they are randomly assigned to one of our four houses: Kolbe, Lisieux, Savio and Sebastian. Since the House System is a family system, siblings are placed in the same House together.

JPII instituted the House system in 2015 to help students acclimate quickly to their new school and feel an immediate sense of belonging. During House meetings each week, students have an opportunity to interact regularly with students from all grade levels, creating mentoring opportunities. Recent studies show that House systems have happier students and build more school spirit than they did before a House system was implemented.

Houses compete for points in several ways: attending designated athletic and fine arts events, making honor roll, and taking part in house tournaments and other house competitions throughout the school year. Points are tallied up to award the “House Cup” each year, a source of school and House pride!

One of goals of the House system is to instill leadership skills in our students. We need and rely on good student leaders at JPII, and we hope that students carry these learned qualities throughout their lives. The faculty leadership for each of our Houses consists of a House Dean and House Mentors. The student leadership for each of our Houses consists House captains and grade level representatives. The leadership team in each House also play a vital role in Student Leadership Council, students are given a lot of responsibility and do an excellent job in their roles.