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Class Retreats

Retreat Overview for Campus Ministry:

Frequently in Scripture we hear of Christ taking time away in silence to be with His Father (Mark 1:12, Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16). In imitation of Christ, retreats at JPII allow our students a chance to tune out the demands and distractions of daily life to focus on achieving a higher sense of self and truly a deeper and more intimate relationship with Our Lord.

With DISCIPLESHIP as the anchor of our S.H.I.E.L.D. values, campus ministry focuses our mission on evangelizing our students. Retreats (except for the Senior Retreat) are led by our Acts29 Peer Ministry Team who discern the needs of each class and uniquely tailor each retreat to tend to that grade level's spiritual and social needs. Our annual class retreats give our students the opportunity to trust in God's grace and discover who they are through peer witness, the teachings of the Catholic church, Scripture, and the Sacraments. Other than the Kairos Retreat (see below), all retreats are “customized” to the needs of the grade level from year to year.

11th Grade Kairos Retreat
KAIROS, which means “the Lord’s time”, is the three-day, off-campus annual retreat for our Junior Class.  This retreat provides the members of our Junior Class with the opportunity to retreat from the worries of the world into a place and time during which they can look deeply into their relationships with God, friends, family, and community.  Students take leave of the world’s time and enter the Lord’s time.  This retreat is well established in many Catholic high schools and has proven to be of great worth to numerous juniors over the past several years.  The retreat team consists of seniors who experienced the retreat firsthand the previous year, faculty, and members from the greater community. 




Service -We know, love and serve God by loving and serving others 

High Expectations -We set high expectations for academic excellence and respectful behavior

Innovation -We inspire creativity to innovate and solve problems in new and meaningful ways 

Excellence -We strive to do our best in the classroom, on the field and stage, and modeling a Christian lifestyle 

Leadership -We empower students to be courageous Christian leaders

Discipleship -We are followers of Jesus Christ and seek to live our lives in His image