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Why a JPII Education?

We Couldn't Be Happier

They Go In Depth

We Should Pray

Powerful Witnesses

I wanted to share with you what was the best part of the football game against St. John's for me. There were many, many highlights—the win (obviously!), the prayer after the game, the kids rushing the field, the Junior Cheer group, the flocks of happy future Golden Warriors running around, and the camaraderie in the concession stand.  

However, the best part came after the lights had been turned out and we were leaving.  One of the Hardeeville staff stopped me to share his thoughts.  He told me that he was appreciative of how clean we left the stands and general area.  He went on to tell me that our kids and families were shining examples of people with Christ’s light inside them.  He said they were powerful witnesses to their Christian faith.  They have many groups use the facilities, but JPII distinguished itself by our behavior and Christian example.  What an amazing way to end such a special night.  We are thankful our family is part of this wonderful school. Thank you for all you do to foster the faith in our children.  It really does show and absolutely makes a difference.  -a JPII Parent

Catholic education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ in the lives of others. - Saint John Paul II

Smooth Sailing In College


I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the fabulous teachers at JPII who made sure Thomas was prepared for the academic rigors of Tufts. He made the Dean’s list as a varsity athlete on the Tufts Sailing Team. John Paul II has the best staff around! We appreciate everything you did to make sure Thomas received the academic, emotional, and spiritual preparation to succeed in college. Kind regards.  -a JPII Parent

Because of the Opportunities