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Welcome to John Paul II Catholic School! My name is Heather Rembold, and I serve as the principal at John Paul II Catholic School. My primary job is to help facilitate the Academic side of our program. With a student body of more than 330 students, we offer a robust academic program and make it our priority to offer a curriculum that is rigorous and infused with Catholic identity! Some of our highlights include:

  • College Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement Courses represent rigorous and quality coursework to prepare students for postsecondary education.
  • Academic skills and creativity meet in Project Lead the Way classes offered in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science which engage students in hands-on activities, projects, and problems focused on the development of students’ ability to problem solve, think critically and creatively, communicate, and collaborate.
  • We offer a total of 8 Pre-AP courses which deliver grade-level appropriate instruction through focused course frameworks, instructional resources, learning checkpoints, and collaborative educator workshops.
  • We offer a total of 22 Advanced Placement (AP) courses in which JPII teachers have been trained and certified to teach. The AP course offerings include classes in a variety of disciplines including English, math, science, computer science, history, and visual arts. 
  • Our students have the opportunity to earn an AP Capstone Diploma while at JPII. This college-level program is based on 2 courses—AP Seminar and AP Research—that complement and enhance discipline-specific AP courses.
  • We have The Marian Center for Learning to assist students with learning challenges.

I’d encourage you to take some time to explore our Program of Study to become more familiar with the variety of courses that we offer at John Paul II. Take a few minutes to investigate the program guidelines that might be best for your child, as well as our school profile.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know us! Know that we are so much more than information on a website, however! We are a vibrant and diverse group of educators preparing our students to be SCHOLARS with a SOUL! We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your child soon!

Heather Rembold

JPII Mission Statement

John Paul II Catholic School educates students of all faiths in a caring, Christ-centered environment. We prepare students to be scholars with a soul in accordance with the traditions of the Catholic faith and through the intentional commitment to our core values of service, high expectations, innovation, excellence, leadership, and discipleship.